5 Things this week

Important problems, a custom GPT, and multi-window wizardry.

Here are 5 things I’m thinking about this week:

  • Important Problems: Mathematician Richard Hamming used to ask scientists "What are the important problems in your field?" and follow up with, "Why aren't you working on them?" His career was centered around helping people achieve clarity and focus in their work. The question comes from his 1986 talk "You and your research" — it’s worth a read/listen if you have time and need some inspiration!
  • How We Document Survey: Today (11/24) is the last day to participate in Knapsack’s 2024 How We Document Survey. You can also download reports from previous years.
  • Accessibility Legislation: Two bills to pay attention to that are making their way through NYS legislation: Senate S5410, which will require state sites to be “mobile-friendly” and Assembly A266, which will require state sites to follow latest WCAG guidelines.
  • NYS Benefits Navigator: Something related to OpenAI that doesn’t involve boardroom drama… I got inspired by Dave Guarino’s latest newsletter about how difficult the benefits enrollment process is across states and created a custom GPT (preloaded with a library of publicly-available documentation) to help people navigate benefits in NYS. I’m in the process of running some of the Reddit threads Dave shared through it to check its answers. You can add this custom agent with this link (a ChatGPT plus account is required).

A screenshot of a NYS-enrollments custom GPT configuration

  • Windows & Wizardry: Check out this trippy demo from Bjorn Stall where particles respond to window movement physics and travel across multiple browser windows. A clever blend of particle effects, window position, and local storage.

Particle effects moving across multiple browser windows

Jesse Gardner

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